Russian scientists of The Institute for Physiologically Active Compounds and Moscow Research and Practical Centre of Narcology have developed a method for revealing people taking drugs. The method doesn’t have any analogs in the world.

The screening method “Dianark” allows to reliably discover the drug taking even after 2-4 month since it took place. Our method is truly revolutionary as it can identify the trouble before the clinical symptoms appearance.

The method is based on ELISA determination of specific markers in blood, which form after drug taking.


The assay enduranse 2.5 hours

The serum sample volume 10-20 mkl

The number of samples been analyzed simalteniously up to thousands.

The method can be recommended for screening purposes, for professional appropriateness assessment.

The diagnostic kits DIANARK® are produced for determination of blood markers for the following groups of drugs: opiates, cannabinoids, amphetamines, barbiturates, cocaine, ephedrone.

The kits may be completed with different number of assays and content reagents for the determination of different types of drugs.

Number of tests in one standard kit44 or 36.

The method is registered in Russian Ministry of Health, all documentation is legalized.

The method was taken into use and has been used since 2003 by FSB of Russia for staff selection.

We also perform blood investigation for all groups of drugs.

To test for the hidden drug taking apply (Moscow):

1. Dianark diagnostic laboratory, Aviamotornaya ul. 51A, tel. +7 495 999 0992, +7 901 530 5351.

2. Clinics "MedCentreService", tel +7 495 792 4242.



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